Chester Marathon Fundraising appeal: Sue Formstone

* Important announcement from Sue:
Just to let you know the Conwy Marathon has been cancelled for this year, please see the attached email from the organisers, I only found out a couple of hours ago and I’m really sad about it, I was looking forward to doing my first marathon, although a little nervous and I chose Conwy for reasons such as the scenery and my family live up that way and were going to cheer me on. I don’t want to let STAND down, so I have entered the Chester Marathon on October 3rd, please see the second attachment which shows my entry. (Seen by STAND NW). I am hoping that all the people that have sponsored me will accept the change which was beyond my control.
This is beyond Sue’s control. We at STAND are so grateful to Sue for running the marathon and supporting the work we do and also for taking up the challenge of the Chester marathon. We hope you are still happy to sponsor Sue for the change in Marathon as its only the location that has changed.
If you are not, please email
Many thanks to you all for your support and most importantly to Sue x

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