STAND North Wales CIC Youth Zone

We are all very proud of our amazing young people who were recently invited to attend the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Children’s Charter ‘Build it Right’ event at Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay.

The pictures show the great time that was had by all. A big thank you also to Ann and Mel for their continued hard work and dedication.

This event was planned to support young people to be involved in fun and engaging activities, to have their say in what matters to them, learn about their rights, and tell Betsi what they want from a Charter of Rights.

Four Young people attended from STAND North Wales Youth Zone (Ash, Ava, Cara, and Maisy) alongside Mel and Ann the Youth Zone workers.

The young people participated in 5 workshops that included decorating rocks with statements that would support a young person (i.e. Be yourself) or for a professional to work better with a young person (i.e. Help us to feel safe).

A yoga session to support wellbeing and feeling calm. Circus skill session based on balance and team work which saw Ash designing and creating the look of a human pyramid and Ava’s amazing bridging techniques.

A Children’s rights session followed, and the group worked as a Team with young people from Abergele Youth Shedz prioritising a top 9 from the 42 rights available to children and young people. The day finished with a game of hand football which encouraged physical activity but also brought out Ava, Maisy and Ann’s competitive streak with Cara saving some goals and not breaking any of her glamorous nails!

A fun and rewarding day not only because of the activities but also because this was the first time the group had met in person.

Over 300 young people attended the event, and our group gave it a total of 37/40 for enjoyment!

STAND North Wales Youth Zone is a FREE online youth provision for young people aged 12 to 17 across all counties in North Wales who are able to attend main stream school or similar and who may have additional needs predominately around communication /anxiety / autism / ADHD.

Photos of our amazing young people