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A practical training course for professionals working with children aged 0-3 years

This highly successful externally accredited evidence-based course will equip you to develop the key communication skills in children proved to ensure later success in school. This is the only accredited training in speech, language and communication that is aimed specifically at preventing speech and language needs developing in babies and young children. We believe prevention is better than cure! All the EY curriculums in the UK recognise communication and language as a prime area for learning and development. This course was externally evaluated by Sheffield University as part of the Talking Matters project, which demonstrated that children made statistically significant progress through training alone.

This practical training course will provide you with:

  • A wealth of information and an opportunity to share experiences with other practitioners working with children of the same age
  • Practical advice and strategies to support the children, parents and families with whom you work
  • Language Builders for 0-3s, a practical resource containing an abundance of tips, ideas and strategies
  • Registration with OCN London to enable you to achieve accreditation at level 2 or 3 (accredited courses only)
  • Access to our unique online learning log, allowing you to complete and submit your coursework online (accredited courses only)

You’ll be taught a wide range of topics through ten sessions. These are fun and interactive and cover:

What is communication?
Adult-child interaction and non-verbal communication
Play for language
Listening, attention and understanding spoken language
The word journey – developing vocabulary
Asking questions and the blank language scheme
The language journey. Developing expressive language skills.
Sharing books, using rhymes and exploring the link to early literacy
Working with parents and carers to support communication development
Bringing it all together