All training and workshops are funding dependant

A series of 4 sessions covering a range of information around common areas of difficulty for children on the autism spectrum. These sessions will be delivered by Sharon Jenkins, an experienced ASD practitioner and trainer.  Each session will last about 2 hours and will be delivered via Zoom.

Module 1:  Understanding Autism

We’ll look at the ways in which development for children on the spectrum can be different from typically developing children and start exploring ways in which we can help.

Module 2:  Encouraging Communication

In this session we’ll explore how communication develops, what’s different about this process for children with ASD and how to work towards effective two-way communication

Module 3:  Looking at Behaviour

How to interpret behaviour and look at the aspects of ASD that lie behind it. We’ll explore some techniques to work on socially unacceptable behaviours.

Module 4:  Sensory Needs

We’ll look at our sensory systems and how this can be affected in children with autism, along with ideas about how to help children to cope with their sensory input.