Mindfulness for Parents

Funding dependant

Mindfulness courses typically follow an eight-week format with participants attending two-hour sessions on a weekly basis with home practices each week. The primary aim of the program is to increase participants’ mindful awareness, whilst recognising the shared experiences and difficulties encountered. Each weekly session includes mindfulness practice exercises, periods to reflect on the practices and reflection on home practices from the previous week.

This supports parents to focus on moment to moment awareness and move away from an automatic approach to everyday difficulties. The programme emphasises the importance of practising mindfulness techniques and meditations between the classes as well as attempting to incorporate mindfulness techniques into daily life. The mindfulness practices/ mediations are accessed through downloads of short formal practices as well as bringing mindful awareness to routine daily tasks, to communications and to reactivity patterns. Participants are also encouraged to engage in nurturing activities, by being kind to themselves and making time to engage in an activity they enjoy.

Taster sessions / days may include elements of the full programme giving individuals an opportunity to participate in meditations and activities that are included in an eight week programme.