The Peep Learning Together programme

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The Learning Together Evidence Based Programme: Baby Peep (0 – 12 months)

Programme Content Example

1 hour session x eight weeks

An example of sessions offered within a programme:

  1. Early communication
  2. Early conversations
  3. Making choices
  4. Making the most of routines
  5. Musical moments
  6. Sharing books with babies
  7. Understanding our place in space
  8. Mathematical babies

The Learning Together Evidence based programme:  Toddler Peep (12 months – 3 years)

Programme Content Example

An example of the session offered within a programme:

  1. Becoming a talker
  2. Lots of ways to play and learn
  3. Helping children feel good about themselves
  4. Sharing books and stories
  5. Making sense of the world
  6. Songs and rhymes
  7. Mark making and messy play
  8. Exploring nature

Duration: 1 ½ hour session x eight weeks.

The Learning Together Evidence based programme: Nursery Peep (3– 4 years) Literacy or Numeracy

Course Content

An example of the Literacy sessions offered within a programme:

Nursery programme: Literacy
  1. Play and language
  2. The importance of support and encouragement
  3. Becoming a good listener
  4. Everyday routines
  5. Musical Interactions
  6. Exploring stories through play
  7. Exploring nature / Out and about
  8. Early writing and mark making

An example of the Numeracy sessions offered within a programme:

Nursery programme: Numeracy: Fun with maths
  1. Numbers, numbers everywhere
  2. Exploring numbers
  3. Maths in everyday routines
  4. Maths in songs and rhymes
  5. Maths in books, toys and games
  6. Shapes and patterns everywhere
  7. Exploring measures
  8. Mathematical adventures

Duration: 1 1/2 hour session x eight weeks

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Peeple is a charity, whose main purpose is to support parents/carers, babies and children to learn together – by valuing and building on what families already do. Peep practitioners and families share information and ideas from our evidence-based Peep Learning Together Programme about how to make the most of the learning opportunities that surround us in everyday life and play. Research shows that this – known as the home learning environment – makes the biggest contribution to narrowing the gap in children’s outcomes