Fundraiser: Offas Dyke path Sponsored walk

I am a learning disability nurse and understand how important it is to advocate and support individuals who require additional support accessing the community and build opportunities to enhance social and emotional skills to achieve the best quality of life as you and I. STAND NW provides opportunities for this to happen and also provides training and support for professionals, parents, carers to help support education around disability. It is important to continue raising money and awareness to create these opportunities for inclusion and STAND- “Stronger together for additional needs and disabilities” North Wales.

My Husand, Daniel, our Brother James and two of their good friends are taking on a huge challenge in just 4 weeks to raise as much money as possible to supoort this amazing cause. On June 21st they will travel to Chepstow to start their Offas Dyke walk early the next morning. They will walk the Offas Dyke path which is 177 miles from Sedbury Cliffs to Prestatyn Beach in just 8 days, walking just over 22 miles per day!! with total elevation of 9,806 metres- (This is more than climbing Mount Everest at total elevation of 8, 848 metres ). They will be carrying full kit with them which is approx 13kg as they camp the whole way!! We aim to raise £1,500 but whatever people can do to support this cause and their challenge is hugely appreciated.